Waxing: 7 tips for better hair removal

Waxing is an inexpensive method to remove unwanted hair. Women and men use this method ever single day to get rid of hair for a 1 to 2 month period. It can be done with home waxing kit, or it can also be done by a professional. It can be painful, but if you take a few precautions, you can minimize it.

Go Against the Grain

One trick that can help remove hair more effectively is to pull of the wax in the opposite direction of which you hair is growing. This will make sure that the hair is remove at the root and not just broken off. Hair removed at the root will leave the skin feeling much smoother and will take a longer period of time to re-grow.

All At Once

When it is time to pull off the wax, do it all in one go. If you pull off the strip in small increments, it is just going to cause even more pain. Pieces of hair might break off and you might have to redo it.

Count to three and rip it off as quick as possible in the opposite direction that you hair grows. This will help ensure that more hair is pulled out at the root. You will be much less likely to have to redo it.

Only on Clear Skin

Waxing can be very irritating to skin that has acne, scabbing, or other damage. Make sure to only wax areas where the skin is healthy or it can cause much more pain or even bleeding. Try to address any acne problems first.

Be Careful in the Sun

Waxing can often remove a layer of skin along with excess hair. This can make your skin more sensitive to the sun in the area that were recently waxed. For a few days after the session, wear extra clothing to cover it or higher SPF sunblock to protect against burns or dark spots on the waxed areas.

Anti-Histamine for Less Redness and Bumps

If you have sensitive skin, you might experience some redness or bumpiness for a few days after the waxing. Some hair removal professionals recommend taking an anti-histamine like benadryl to prevent this reaction. Anti-histamine creams may also reduce bumps and redness.

Oil Up

You want the wax to remove your hair, not a layer of your skin! Make sure you apply baby oil to your skin before you apply the wax. This will provide a protective layer and makes sure that the only thing you remove is your unwanted hair.

Stop Redness and Irritation

Excessive hair does not look good, but neither does red marks that a self waxing might cause. You can help reduce the chance of redness by icing down the area after the hair removal session.

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