Threading for Easy Hair Removal

Relatively new to the Western culture, threading for hair removal has been practiced for centuries in areas of the Middle East. It is a simple, mildly painful process that is used mainly for hair growth on the eyebrows, but can be used on any body hair that is over 1/8 of an inch long. It is a great alternative to more painful processes such as waxing and tweezing. It also can be used on sensitive skin with no damage or side effects.

The process of threading works by using a piece of knotted thread to create a “trap” for the hair where it can then be forced out by the root. It is done quickly and methodically with a rapid back and forth movement. Threading is very precise and the results may last for a longer time than waxing or tweezing. Sometimes up to 1 and a half months on some women. The hair removal procedure itself is fairly quick and for most women only takes about a half hour or less. Although most women do it on the eyebrows, this process can be used in any area of the body such as the upper lip, facial hairs, arm hair and more. Another benefit is that the cost is very similar to the price for a salon waxing, so you pay pretty much the same, for a much less painful process.

One reason many women prefer this type of hair removal is that if used over time, hair may grow less frequently or stop completely in the “threaded areas”. It is believed that this method can “temporarily or permanently” damage the follicle (similarly to lasers and electrolysis) so it can take longer for the damaged follicle to repair itself and start growing hair. If threading is used repeatedly in the same spots on the body, hair may stop growing completely.

Threading should be done by someone who has alot of experience, otherwise you could end up with very poorly shaped eyebrows or you may have more pain. This method of removing hair is relatively new to the United States so it could be important to find a practitioner through a personal recommendation. Many people consider this an “art form” that is not learned quickly. Before you make an appointment, search for any reviews on the practitioner to make sure they have a track record of providing good results.

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