Proper Body Hair Shaving Techniques

Although there are new technologies today like laser hair removal, shaving continues to be the most convenient and cheapest method for removing unwanted hair. However, shaving can pose some unwanted consequences if not done properly. Here are some tips to ensure you shave off hair properly to avoid irritation common to shaving:

1. Never shave dry skin.

Shaving should only be done on wet, moist and softened skin. Running the razor through the dry skin will exfoliate it and let you run the risk for unwanted nicks.

2. Find the right razor.

No, not every razor is created the same. You will need to use a razor that has features like lubricated strips and pivoting heads to ensure efficient hair removal. There are many technologies on razors today, so try to sample a few varieties and check which one feels right.

3. Exfoliate skin before shaving.

As mentioned earlier, shaving is an exfoliating method. It can clog up the razor, which will cause you to shave more closely – and this can lead to cutting down of nicks and higher chances of irritation.

4. Apply moisturizer afterwards.

A moisturizer or oil will help prevent dryness caused by exfoliation. It can also help soothe the skin and prevent further dryness.

5. Change razors or cartridges regularly.

Dull blades can cause nicks and lead to close shaving. Try not to borrow razors with your man. Since his hair is coarser, blades usually dull faster.

6. Consider waxing.

If you shave on a regular basis, consider waxing instead. Waxing prevents unwanted chicken skin and bumps and skin irritation, and you will notice that hair usually don’t grow back as fast.

Shaving is still the most convenient way to remove hair. To maximize its benefits, take sure to follow these six tips and shave the right way.



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