Oral Medications To Prevent Excess Hair Growth

Women who experience hirsutism, which is abnormal hair grown on parts of the body, and people who experience hypertrichosis, which is excess hair growth on the body, often look for a way to prevent this undesirable hair.  Shaving becomes frequent and tiresome and they often look for medication to help.

So what are some oral medications to prevent excess hair growth?

How Oral Medication to Stop Hair Growth Works

There are actually some oral medications that do help with hypertrichosis, hirsutism, or just unwanted hair, by decreasing the production of testosterone in the body.  Basically these medications bind the receptors for the androgens which reduce the transformation of the hormones in the body that stimulate growth of the hair follicle.  They don’t exactly remove the hair (like shaving or other depilatories) but they inhibit the growth of the hair.

Specific Medication and Treatment

There are several varieties of oral medications including Spironolactone, Cyproterone Acetate, Ketoconazole, Finasteride, Gonadotrophin, and Flutamide.  The most popular treatment is the Spironolactone because it effectively limits the production of androgens and gradually reduces production of isozyme 5-alpha-reductase activity that works to stimulate the hair follicle.  Most people are prescribed between 50mg and 200mg per day, and for women it’s often combined with a contraceptive for the most effective results.

Another very popular oral med is Flutamide because it’s a very strong anti-androgen that binds the hair follicle androgen receptors and effectively blocks the stimulus for hair growth.  Doses of this medication range from 63mg daily to 750mg daily.  Cyproterone Acetate is a popular treatment to treat hirsutism in women. It ranges from 50mg to 100mg per day and some women combine lower doses with other protocols for even more effective results.

Another oral treatment is Gonadotrophin (GnRH), which has shown to be effective in reducing steroid production in the ovaries and effective in treating hirsutism when the ovaries are producing too many androgens.  This drug suppresses the production of the androgens and some studies have found this to be a very effective treatment when combined with other medications for hair reduction.

For women suffering from Hirsutism, there are a number of oral medications that have been proven to be effective in reducing this excess hair growth.  There are certainly advantages for women by not having to use expensive hair removal systems, and avoiding the pain and allergic reactions some cause; however, there can also be allergic reactions to these medications as well.


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