Laser + IPL Hair Removal – what are the differences?

Both laser and IPL treatments are regarded as being effective to remove hair from various parts of the body. But, contrary to what a lot of people think, laser and IPL are very different…

Differences between Laser + IPL Removal

What separates the two is the particular spectrum of light being used. Laser utilizes only a single wavelength. IPL (aka: Intense Pulsed Light) uses an entire light spectrum so it has a broader wavelength compared to laser.

Both IPL and lasers work by targeting the pigment of the hair when used for prevention of growth or eliminating body hair. Both technologies work in the same manner. Light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair which then transforms to heat and kills or damages the follicle.

Since IPL utilizes a broader spectrum of light, some doctors believe that it works better and the targeting of the melanin pigmentation is improved. At the same time, IPL has less adverse effects on skin.

- Many people who have tried both the use of laser treatments and IPL feel that the two methods are both just as effective.

The main thing that has to be understood when it comes to laser and IPL is that it works best when there is enough pigment.

- With white, grey and blonde hair, these two methods may not be effective.

- Tan and dark complexions are also not ideal for any of the two because it may result to skin damage. Dark complexions may be a better candidate for electrolysis. Lasers target the melanin inside hair follicles. If skin is too dark, then the treatment may burn the dermis.

Interestingly, IPL was initially developed as a treatment for other health problems. It was then that doctors have observed that the use of IPL resulted to hair loss. This is the reason why it is being used not for permanent hair removal treatments.

Other Medical Uses for IPL

Aside from hair removal, IPL can be used to remove varicose veins and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

With laser and IPL treatments, it takes several sessions before the hair stops growing back. With IPL, the pain of the treatment is reduced. It is also less likely that it will cause skin damage and abrasions or recurring hair growth. Both treatments are effective ways to remove hair, but you clinician may recommend one over the other due to your skin type .



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