Temporary Hair Removal – the top 5 methods

There are actually a variety of depilatory or epilatory methods that remove the hair temporarily; the main difference being the duration before the hair growth returns.

Some of temporary methods to remove hair include the following:


Shaving is probably one of the oldest depilatory methods for temporarily removing unwanted hair.  There’s a variety of devices available from disposable to reusable shavers, and the shavers are designed for both men and women.  This is one of the least expensive methods that is safe and can be used at any time.  The disadvantage is that it’s temporary and must be done frequently.



Another method of temporary hair removal is through the use of chemicals that can dissolve hair at the surface of the skin.  This method is also inexpensive; and in many cases the effects may last longer than simple shaving.  One disadvantage is that it may cause burning or pain in some people who are sensitive to the chemicals.


This is a more ancient method that uses hot wax placed on the skin so that when peeled off, the hair come off with the wax.  Waxing is one of the inexpensive methods that can be done at home, and the effects of this may also last longer than shaving.  The disadvantage of waxing is that it can be somewhat painful when the hair is pulled out and some people may have sensitivity to the wax.


Threading is a very popular in Middle Eastern countries because it uses a thread that is tied around the unwanted hair and uses the thread to pull the unwanted hair out.  It is most commonly used on eyebrows and other facial hair, but it must be done by professionals and can be expensive.  Other disadvantages include bacterial infections in the area, folliculitis, and reddening of the skin.


Sugaring is similar to waxing and is the oldest hair removal method.  A sticky paste is made of sugar and placed on the skin.  Cloth is pressed onto the pasted area and removed quickly – bringing the hair with it.  This is inexpensive, but can cause skin irritation with some people.

There are numerous other methods for temporary hair removal including tweezing, friction, epilation, flash lamps, and photoepilators.  With each process there are advantages and disadvantages but there is always one process that works best for each individual.


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