What are Rotary Epilators?

The rotary epilators can be effective, but very painful. Instead of blades, a rotary epilator uses tweezers to pull out hair from the root. Instead of cutting the hair, the rotary epilators pull each strand which also leads to damage of the follicle.

- This follicle damage can lengthen the amount of time which hair grows back.

Advantages + Disadvantages

The use of rotary epilators has some advantages, but some disadvantages. Since it pulls hair right from the roots, it takes longer time before the hair grows back. The damage on the follicle impedes hair growth.

- It also prevents the follicles to become deeply embedded on the dermis and contributing to ingrown hairs. So, removing the hair will become less painful over time. Aside from that, regular use of this device will cause the hair to come out more thinly.

- The main negative to rotary epilators is the intense pain. Many people cannot tolerate it and even describe it as “torture”. There are some things you can do to lessen this pain, including  applying numbing cream or taking ibuprofen.

How to Use It

Rotary epilators will work best if the hair has grown to a length which will enable the device to grip and pull it. This allows the device to effectively pluck the hair. If the hair is not long enough, the tweezers in the epilator will not be able to hold on to the strands and that is why it would not work.

Ideally, it is best to exfoliate the skin before using this device. Use of a good exfoliating soap and scrub will help a lot. When dead skin cells are removed from the dermis, the epilator would not have a hard time pulling the hair. Aside from that, when there is no dead skin cells, ingrown hair may be avoided.

Using the epilator after a warm bath is also a good idea. Warm bath will open up the pores which will allow the device to pull hair with less effort. This means that the pain may be reduced too.

Epilator Tips

Fine hair may not be grasped by this device, so it might not work for other parts of the body. Also, short hair will not be pulled by the epilator. It also may cause a little pain the first time that it is used,  but this will be reduced over time because follicles will no longer be deeply rooted to the skin.

A rotary epilator should not be used for body parts that have sensitive skin like the bikini line or face but it works perfectly for the arms and legs. Applying a cooling moisturizer after using the rotary epilator may ease the pinching pain of hair plucking.


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